Fresh 48

there is nothing better than those first few days in the hospital with your newborn(s) Where the nurses will help you with a push of a button, you are treated like a queen and you actually sleep a little. I miss my nurses and that hospital room sometimes when I am feeding these two at 3am by myself. 

I love these images from the hospital. I offer fresh 48 sessions and I want to shoot more of them because their is nothing like the joy and rawness of those first few hours of life and everyones excitement and love. 

Welcome to the world baby girls, we love you!

October 3rd

we welcomed our twin girls into this crazy world on October 3rd at 7:05pm & 7:06pm. The C-section though expected was a very wild experience for me and was the longest and fastest hour of my life. Unless you have had one it is very hard to understand. It was terrifying and so amazing all at the same time. 

The first one out was Baby A weighing 6lbs 7oz and 17in ..


welcome to the world Rosemary Lynn Brown. 


Baby B came one minute later weighing 5lbs 3oz and 18in. Sweet little thing had the cord wrapped around her neck twice so we didn't get a picture right away or one that I am willing to share because you can 100% see my insides..I'll spare you.

welcome to the world Lula Mae Brown


we got to cuddle and stare at the girls all alone for the next hour in the OR while they were putting me back together. We can't believe our girls are here and I will cherish the photos for the rest of my life, even the bloody ones. God is good.

365 project so far...

trying to challenge myself to pick up my camera everyday at home. I love capturing real life at home with my little guy. I know I'll look back on this year and be really thankful I did this.